WDNI Blog: Let’s Travel to Lease Renewal Land

Renewals Make the World-Go-Round

Renewals make the world-go-round – especially in the world of the Tower Provider. There are renewal terms for every instrument that drives the leasing of infrastructure globally. With that said, Land Leases (a.k.a. Ground Lease, a.k.a. Property Lease) are, arguably, the most sensitive instrument in the Mobile Infrastructure industry – NO land/ground/property equals NO site equals NO revenue. Now, that’s a formula for disaster. While there are several factors involved – such as Landlord/Tenant relations, lease terms, site tenancy and more – RENEWALS are generally at the top of that list. While Land Lease terms have a general, repeatable format, each lease agreement potentially has its own concessions specific to the site and landlord. At best, Land Lease management is a menagerie of instruments, documents, terms, notices.

Lease Management Headaches

Most Leasing Departments are understaffed and must go through mountains of data – many of which still reside on paper stacked in boxes. Even if it is all digitized, the systems are not extracting all the data necessary to determine the action you need to take, resulting in missed deadlines that are never-ending. 

Looking for a way to accurately extract RISK in your ground lease agreements? Have you missed any termination or renewal notice deadlines? Confused about who the REAL landlord may be due to acquisition? Inherited new assets through acquisition and scrambling to identify risky leases? Do you have properties that are bundled in an agreement? You aren’t the first and not the only one facing these challenges.

Protecting Your Assets

Missing a renewal deadline results in termination – sometimes your own. The best way to protect you and your assets is to have as much information as possible to take the best, most informed action possible. With all the challenges that can be faced in doing so, it can be overwhelming – seemingly impossible – at times. Whether your portfolio is organically grown or grown through acquisition, we are DatumNexus™ and we take on the task to Verify, Validate and Identify Risk within your vast system of records that help you make the decision you need FAST – before it’s too late.

With 20+ years of experience in the Mobile Infrastructure Leasing industry, we understand all the challenges involved from Site Acquisition through Renewal. Our solution, Validatum™, offers you a valuable look into your overall risk profile like never before. Giving you the perfect, fast complementary solution to offer relief from your existing, exhaustive process.

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