Verify. Validate. Identify Risk.
DatumNexus provides a service that uses AI to identify data integrity issues with data that is linked within asset-related dynamic documents for companies with portfolios that have grown through acquisitions.
Linking data in your asset-related documents to the system of record is critical as information is stored in various formats and locations.

Solving the problem is a costly challenge

Verifying and validating the data in your asset related documents against the source documents is resource intensive due to the volume.

ValiDatum mitigates data integrity issues caused by dynamically connected asset-related documents through data verification and validation, limiting an organizations’ risk exposure.

Minimize your business risk with ValiDatum

Remedy the problem of inheriting inaccurate data during the knowledge transfer phase.

  • Verify Source
  • Validate
  • Identify Risks In Your System of Record

Effective management of data starts with understanding the risks. Learn how DatumNexus can automate this process for you.