for Mergers & Acquisitions

Achieve faster, more accurate analysis of your inherited documents and integrated data.

According to a Booz, Allen, and Hamilton study, nearly 53% of M&A deals fail to meet expectations and integration is the leading factor. This is because organizations have data integrity issues largely due to inherited data assets.

Integrating data inherited from an acquisition is daunting simply due to the sheer volume of information being ingested. Your team is handling a new impossible task and is drowning in data.

DatumNexus has a solution that verifies the data, validates the information it produces and identifies any risk to make this process more successful.


Verify. Validate. Identify Risk.

  • Identifies value leaks that can place your organization at risk.
  • Significantly decreases the probability of a problem at the time of acquisition.

Save time, money, secure your assets and infrastructure, with DatumNexus.