Our vision is to build, continuously innovate, and lead industries with strategically focused services using Enabling AI technology to verify and validate information.


We help organizations maximize the value of inherited data and information by verifying, validating, and identifying risk.


A minority-owned organization, DatumNexus™ provides unmatched expertise auditing leases in the wireless communications infrastructure leasing industry. No one else has the breadth and depth of expertise examining the intricacies of the impact data integration and accuracy has on the business performance and future of Tower Companies. 

With more than 20-years of expertise, the DatumNexus team has helped create this industry which makes them uniquely qualified to address the risk associated within the wireless communications infrastructure leasing industry due to its rapid growth through acquisitions. DatumNexus was founded specifically to address this risk and this team is building ValiDatum™ – an innovative solution built with tacit knowledge of the Cell Tower Leasing Industry (CTLI).

Executive Team

Thomas Wade

Thomas Wade


Thomas Wade had the original vision for DatumNexus nearly ten years ago. As an attorney, he saw the need for verified, validated and accurate data in every legal transaction or venture. This launched his pursuit of providing highly accurate information (data) through automation to clients, most notably within the cell tower industry. After several years of perfecting this technique, Mr. Wade “packaged” his experience and knowledge into a comprehensive data verification, validation and migration strategy for Mergers and Acquisitions. With the advancement of technology and the ability to automate the process, Thomas established DatumNexus.

Thomas is a leader in Diversity Mentoring and serves on the board of several organizations. He is an advocate for social impact investing and interested in inclusive business innovation. Thomas is a graduate of Howard University School of Law.

James Young

James Young


James Young is Chief Operating Officer/Strategic Advisor of DatumNexus and a veteran of the wireless infrastructure industry. Since joining the industry in 1998, he has held a variety of roles across numerous organizations globally. His 25+ year high-tech and leadership experience spans the private, public and government sectors – and is an aggregate of Information Technology, Wireless Infrastructure Leasing, M&A and Corporate Compliance. 

Prior to joining the DatumNexus Executive Team, he lived and worked abroad as a Senior Level Advisor to several wireless infrastructure companies across Southeast Asia – until repatriating in 2017. James is a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.

Alex Williams


Alex Williams got his start in graphic design, before eventually transitioning to software engineering. From there he worked with machine learning, and later became a part of the DatumNexus team as their Chief Technology Officer. His diverse background of studies makes him a utility tool for DatumNexus’ needs, with his ability to approach problems from unique angles.

Before he studied computer technologies, Alex worked in education; teaching math, English, and computer literacy to returning education students. In his free time Alex likes to practice photography and “traditional” art, painting with his art tablet.

Board of Directors

Thomas Wade

Thomas Wade

Drew Jones

Dr. Drew S. Jones


Joe Farach


Advisory Board

Alonzo Llorens

Alonzo Llorens

PartnerParker, Poe Adams & Bernstein, LLP

Lalit Dhingra

Founder/CEO, Ensignis Digital LLC
Ken Griffin

Kenneth H. Griffin

Pritchard Griffin Advisors
Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Founder & Managing Director,
Responsible Solutions Ltd.


DatumNexus is a certified member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council.