Asset-Related Documents – What are they and how they affect data integrity.

Data Integrity.

In multiple industries, asset-related documents are the ecosystem of an organization. There is connectivity within and between these asset-related documents which makes them “dynamic.” Due to this connectivity, a document’s intent can change due to another dynamically connected document. When an organization’s system of record is inserting data obtained from dynamically connected documents, the chances of data integrity issues and exposure to risk are extremely high.

The Need for Data Integrity in the Wireless Industry!

Over the past two decades, we have seen reports in various business journals discussing how companies are not realizing the value of their acquisitions. This seems to be the case whether the deal driver is to increase market share, acquire technology or in the case of the wireless industry acquire “footprint resulting in a loss of millions of dollars.

Ironically even though the deal drivers are true, I would suggest that the ultimate deal driver are Asset Related Documents the information, or data contained within them. Lack of Data Integrity in any of these documents can have catastrophic consequences to an organization’s bottom line.

What are Asset Related Documents?

An asset Related Document is a controlling document that is related to a revenue generating asset. The revenue generating assets that are controlled are Human resources and Capital resources. They are almost always documents that create, modify or terminate contractual obligations, such as lease terms.

Why are Asset Related Documents Dynamic?

Asset Related documents are dynamic because they have to ability to have its meaning changed by other documents such as addendums, amendments, assignments etc.

What can be done?

ValiDatum®, by DatumNexus® is the only solution available today, specifically designed to mitigate data integrity issues caused by dynamically connected asset related documents. ValiDatum® reduces risk exposure by identifying risk in 100% of the inherited documents and data before finalizing an acquisition. ValiDatum verifies the source of the data, validates the accuracy and consistency of the system of record and identifies risk.

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